Hot water tank age

Had a tank today, all I could read was
Maxi-Life model TEF 425 8443 Ser No. 59524

Can anyone help on age?

Did you get ANSI date?

Maybe 1995 ?? But if you do not know, do not guess.

I would say the tank was made in May of 1995. Always refer the the ansi date if it is avalible. If the ansi date is within 4 years you pretty much know that you are correct.

I did not see an ANSI date(very faded). I needed the date for insurance purposes. The house was built in 1959 and the homeowner said she thinks it is the original, she does not remember replacing it at all. The electric wire was spliced and the tank was glass lined. Thanks for the assistance.

So, yoi mean that this water heater is 50 years old:roll:. Life expectancy of a W/H is around 10 years. When I can not find any date I will estimate +/-. How does the tank looks? Wiring? TPR? Drip pan? There should be some info in some place :roll:if not say that the W/H has reached its life expectancy:-({|=.

I am not saying the unit 50 years old it was replaced at some point. I was just trying to give more info. I need a date to give the insurance company. I will go with 1995 for lack of more info.

BTW, 1995 makes the unit 14 years old and still insurable, at 17 years they will have to replace for some companies to unsure them. This is an age that the insurance companies have decided to use.

The owners are considering replacing anyway because I brought it up and they could have a more efficient model.

Thanks for the help.