Hot Water Tank - missing Pressure relief valve?

Hi Chad,
moved that black box, it and the ’ thing’ in front is just pieces of wood (junk) lying on top . unfortunately I can’t go back and take a better pic - as my client did not purchase the house anyway.

I am from Slat Spring Island, BC, Canada

ah were neighbors I’m in Cedar

It seems you are correct - I did not see it myself during the inspection or on the normal photo-only verified now on playing with the brightness/satuaration of the photo do I also see it. Was pretty dark beneath the stairs where this H/Tank was

It was a very astute observation by you guys - - So the PRValve seems to be there - just not the down pipe to a drain pan.
I will try and get excuse to go back and verify.
Thanks everyone! -

PRValve- possibly.jpg

Chad, Cedar where? I’m in Salt Spring Island off Victoria island, BC, Canada


I would stop by and talk to the owner as a courtesy and make sure you bring some marketing material. You may just gain a new customer for your concern.

Agreed…the pex manufacture requires that it be 18" from the hot water tank because of excessive heat(manufacture installation specifications super-cede local codes). The vacuum breaker is required on most electric hot water heaters in our area and ALL hot water tanks MUST HAVE A TPR VALVE…very dangerous situation if heater malfunctions!! The vacuum breaker and TPR valve are two very different items. One does not do the others functions.

Actually, I believe you are closer to Cedar then Victoria, besides, the ferry from Crofton is shorter :slight_smile:

ah, good old yahoo maps - there I see - Cedar , suburb south of Nanaimo
— will call you up for a cup when I go in that direction

phoned the company that did the h/tank.
Apparantly, the pex has improved and the 18" from tank rule is no longer in effect I am told

yep for sure give us a ring

I wouldn’t take the plumbing companies word for that…check out the PEX website for accuracy. I think they are blowing smoke rings up the ole’ blow hole?? Last time I was on the site it still stated 18" above the hot water tank.:wink: