Just a old TPR or a defect

Calling this a defect on this old hot water heater but just wanting to double check with some real pros.2015-06-26 13.17.452015-06-26 13.18.22

You are the Pro! Certified Professional Inspector, what do you see wrong?


Do you have better (and closer) photos? I can’t see any details.

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Is it reduced in size? Is there an extension? Where does the extension go, if there is one?

Food for thought.

Added another picture. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for the words but I would be a fool if I ever thought I didn’t have more to learn from more experienced inspectors on here. I don’t see the band stating the rating or a switch to test the valve. It looks like the body of a old TPR but I can not be fully sure.

All of those issues I would think I would catch. I just added another picture, let me know what you think. I see no way of testing which makes me think it is not a TPR or maybe one old that I just have not seen yet that wouldn’t meet today’s requirements.

It looks like an old pressure relief valve to me, from what I can see.

Ya the body seems to match up. Did old pressure relief valves have any way to test them? I would still flag this as a defect though.

and it should have an extension to bring it to approx 6" above the floor…

Of course, just wanting to confirm with inspectors with more experience that have seen old pressure relief valves that it is indeed a relief valve.

Not that I know of. But I never tested the newer TPR valves anyway…too hard to get them to seal again, sometimes. I just noted whether they were there and how they were installed, Joshua.

Thank you for the advice. Always a big help Larry. I agree to never test one, did that once at my house and well I had to buy a new one lol.


TPR valve is incorrect as others have stated. I don’t like that plastic pipe connected to the hot and cold nipples. Some jurisdictions require 18” of metal pipe before transition to plastic piping. Definitely have it evaluated by a licensed plumbing contractor and be done.


How old is the water heater itself? Did someone put an old TPR on it? There are definitely issues… even if it’s new, there is no way to test the valve. I’d call for a plumber to replace it.

One thing you’ll want to see on a TPR that doesn’t get alot of attention is the appropriate safety rating tags.

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Yes Robert and sometimes they have the allowed number of elbows in the discharge pipe like Larry mentioned above.