House fires spreading due to proximity and vinyl siding

In Columbia SC and Lake Wylie SC there have been two house fires in the past few months that took out several other homes.

The houses were built close together and had vinyl siding.

Some code changes around here might be coming.
I can see it now, smoke detectors required on the exterior…
Builders my have to choose from larger lots or fire resistant cladding.

One neighborhood with small lots required brick, stone or hardy plank and has not had the problem (yet).

It might be a good idea to report the safety issue with houses like this.
Even with brick the fire can spread via the roof.

it’s a good thaught, but it’ll be damn near impossible to stop fire from spreading. that’s it’s nature. it’ll catch a tree, the tree will fall an so on and so on. i think it’s a good idea, but will be hard to accomplish. why’d we stray away from aluminum siding? it’s not “flamible” but we don’t use it as much anymore either. how about mixing a flame retardent agent into the vinyl mix?. or spraying the house every so many years with a retardent, like kids pajamas??? that may be easier.

Ah, better living through chemistry Jay. Be careful what you wish for.:twisted:

well at B.A.S.F., they don’t make the siding, they make the siding better. who knows maybe it’s what we need? i’d buy “fire resistant” siding over “flamible” siding if i had the choise, would you?. i tested a set of “fire retardent” pajamas that my kid out grew, and sure enough, they would not burn. however, if you wash 'em to much or have them for 2 or 3 siblings, (being the youngest of 3 i know “hand-me-downs”) they loose there fire resistant quality. i’m sure that what ever chemical used in these cloths could be applied in a “house wash” and have some success.

I never really know Jay. Hole in the ozone, mtbe in the water, we all are getting fatter and fatter, and yet the mortality rate keeps going up. Very confusing.

well this is true, but if we spent all this time to flatten forests, destroy wetlands, and kill millions of wild animals just to make more homes for the “superior” humans, don’t you think we should preserve it???:roll: :wink: :cool: