Housefire next door to my job yesterday

Don’t see this too often.

(Sorry, had to pull this. Rumor has it the builder is not happy that I posted the video. I’m not out to rock any boats and generally speaking, this builder does pretty good work and I would love to continue inspecting their properties so I’m playing this one safe :slight_smile:


wow, unbelievable

Did they know what started it, yet?

The way it progressed it looks like it started on the second floor or attic. HVAC systems here are up in the attic. Possibly an electrical issue with it?

Of course you never know if Casey was over there doing a compare to see if a problem he found was also in that house?? :rofl:

Just yanking your chain Casey. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We had just moved into our present home in about 1992 when the house next door burned. The fire was started by a fluorescent fixture in the basement. The dog alerted the occupants who made it out safely but the dog died most likely from smoke inhalation.

Husband died about 15 to twenty years ago and the wife passed two weeks ago. Rebuilt house is now occupied by the adult daughter.

Next time the fire department (first responders) asks for donations don’t hesitate to give.

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Being a new home not yet closed, I expect this will be a full tear down.

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Haven’t heard. They may never know but I did talk to one of the builders out there and they are eyeing the contractors pretty hard.

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Haha, actually my first reaction was to run in that house just to see if I could get any clues as to what would have been the cause. Glad my senses kept me out!

Great job on the video, thanks for sharing!

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That’s definitely an interesting fire. Watched your vid again and compared to the picture. That looks like it might have started around the vicinity of that master attic (bottom left). As you’ve seen they will vent these small attic areas but many times they communicate with upper attic areas through openings above top plates. Might have started there and quickly went to upper story attic areas and spread fast.

Be interesting to know the cause. Maybe a worker ate one to many flaming burritos? :rofl:

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Yeah, that makes for a nontypical day!
I see you are not a member. I recommend joining up.
May all of our future inspections NOT involve houses burning :pray: :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for sharing