House of Horror's course for New inspectors

Hey everyone, my name is Eric Szymanski, this will be my first (but far from last) post here. I live in South Florida and I have decided to make a career change into home inspections. I called a couple of inspectors that I found on google in my area and was referred to this community. Im trying to find a starting point because I want in on this industry. I found the “House of Horrors” 5 day training course in Weston and it seems like a valuable course. Can anyone advise me on whether this makes sense for me to do or not? Currently I am a broadband telecommunications technician for Comcast, I have no inspection history/training and have very basic knowledge of it. I tried finding people talking about newbies going to take the course straight away and can’t find any topics about it so forgive me if this has been asked and answered. Any information helping to direct me to a solid starting point is very very appreciated. Thank you all.

The “House of Horrors” 5 day training class would be great for anyone, BUT especially so for someone with little to no actual trade field experience. Its 1 thing to see problems in a book OR on a computer screen BUT a whole other ballpark to see them in real life.

When I teach a class on codes OR new construction for 8-16 hrs in a classroom THEN go to say a new house subdivision and take them thru a house under construction THEY tell me it really comes to life.

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Yes sir, this is the response I was hoping for. I currently work for Comcast and went through a hands-on mock installation training when hired and it was crucial for learning. Just wanted to make sure this course wasn’t just aimed more toward established inspectors looking to gain further knowledge- and could be a solid starting point into the business for the greenest of newbies. Thank you for taking the time to respond.