Looking at Home Inspection for a new career

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Greetings All.

I live in Brevard County, FL. I'm in sore need of a career change and come from a family of builders back in Illinois and Iowa. I've developed an appetite to learn more about this industry and am very drawn to it. My problem is, I currently work approximately 50hrs/wk most times from 8am-9pm 5 days a week for far too little pay (not even $10/hr). Because of this, I have not the time, not to mention the funds, to get into a classroom training as I would greatly prefer. I was looking at the program offered a few hours away from me by ITA (Inspection Training Agency) over in Tampa, but I can't take the time away from my job for an 11 day course.

I am looking at their "At-home course", but I would really prefer to get some hands-on instruction as I think it'd be very difficult to really learn what you need simply from seeing pictures and videos.

My background is not in any type of building/construction, it's been in Business, Retail, and Collections. Do any of you have any suggestions about what the best way might be for me to enter into this field? I appreciate your time in reading this and any shared thoughts that you might have.



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ITA has a 1 week course. Get serious, take a class or don’t get into the business - high liability game.

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Jarred, if you do not have the time to invest in yourself now how will you find it latter? Keep in mind this is not a get certified and I’ll have money come rollin in. This game takes a lot of time ,money and dedication not only o work but marketing, on going education, education, education, business. Do yourself a favor and read every thing on this board first and really get a feel for the sacrifice you will need to make to become a home inspector. Not trying to scare you off just bring you to reality. Good Luck.