House of Horrors II

Nick or whoever will be in charge of it:

Has it been decided how will be running the Florida HOH II yet, if so anyone we know, or is it still up in the air?

I have asked before but never got an answer. I know all the defects are listed but I would like to know if we will be able to get the list of defects and their locations so we can learn how we wish to instead of performing a practice inspection type method of learning. I believe if would better suite my way of learning if I could get the list and go through the list top to bottom and see everything. Time is always of the essence to me as I am a family man and could get through it all much faster if I did not have to go out looking for all the defects on my own. Also will we be able to take pictures and us them for our own reference. Any fee for members to do as I described? Do we have a solid open date yet and what will the hours be? Can’t wait to go through it. On a side note will the A/C be running in the warehouse while the HOH is up and running?

For the record I am also looking forward to some live courses.

I look forward to your answers. Have a Great Sunday.

I plan on making the trip down sometime. Personally I would like to search for defects like it was a home inspection, take some pics and maybe report on what I found. Then see the list of defects to find out what I missed.

A/C? :roll:

I think they have a heater set up in one of the attics for practicing wind mits in the summer.

LOL! With a shiner 65’ from the hatch that you have to locate to confirm 8D :lol:


It has to be a radient heater! :lol:

We’ll iPad it up like we are doing at HOH1 for self-guided tours.



October 19. Open business hours.

Yes, it’s always on.

Thanks Nick but what does that mean sorry? Do we need to bring one or will they be there for us to us. If we have to bring one will any other devices work? I am not an I-Guy just windows and android for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to answer and I look forward to the Grand Opening :slight_smile:

What we are doing at HOH1 is we’re installing loaded iPads at every system and component that reveals the defects so that an InterNACHI member can take a free, self-guided tour to improve his/her defect-recognition skills.

Sounds Great. Can’t wait to give it a spin.

I think I will start in the Electric Section :slight_smile:
My weakest area.