Watch this short video about the Florida House of Horrors.

Will there be CBC/framing and stucco related issues in FL HOH? Pool/spa?

I will certainly be taking advantage of the training here but I cannot help but wonder how it will affect prices around here. Especially with the last comment about wind mitigations. I see prices plummeting from having so many people in my back yard trained to do them :frowning:

As most things in life what is good for others normally cost me money. Just my life I guess.

When will it be complete so we can come in and self train?

Will we be able to get a list of defect and their locations PRIOR to going in so we can choose to learn how we wish or will that be dictated to us? Myself would rather do it my way and go straight to all the defects and see what they look like. I personally to not want to spend the extra time LOOKING for them. I am doing this gfor my own self and do not care about credits or CEU on this stuff.