House on the river...literally

1960’s home on crawlspace in western NC.
Part of which is directly over running water…built upon a boulder that has probably sat there for thousands of years…

however, there is a step crack that is out of plane in the foundation wall where it meets the creek.

Appears to have been filled and painted over at some point in the past 50 years.

Plan to refer to structural engineer…just thought some might enjoy checking this one out as I dont see these every day


Good plan, Matt!


What’s on the backside of the masonry wall with the crack?

I’ve done several properties on rivers and bays. One was a mill structure in NJ (photo attached) that needed a lot of work on the foundation in the turbine race, and another recent one was a tide mill in the middle of a Connecticut bay that’s been standing since 1666 (British set fire to the superstructure during the Revolution, and the timber was rebuilt).

Describe what you see, and make a recommendation for further evaluation. You are not there to solve the problem.


Darren recommends exactly what I would do.


Damn British!

Hey…so the backside was not visible as they had insulation panels glued up and covering everything.

that was my first thought before I went into the crawlspace was to see more from the inside…but it was a no go


just figured some on here might like to see it…

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