QOD for 4/4/06

Not that great a picture. House is 100 years old

Hey Dave,

I don’t see a picture.

File a police report, missing house, or did it sink?

Hi to all,

as Dave is having problems uploading the image he wanted to use here it is:



Mortarloose (Small).jpg

I have the same problem. I am no longer able to post photos. When I click on the image button the box doesn’t come up. Any suggestions for fixing this?


What does a structural engineer know about this sort of issue particularly in a 100 year old house? This is in my opinion a concern for a foundation expert. It is most likely the result of heaving as opposed to settlement.

If you are recommending a structural engineer you had better be certain he is familiar with old homes and the construction techniques.

OH crud - change my answer to foundation specialist, plase - NOT tuck pointing! lol!

No, my **client **should be sure the structural engineer has the prerequisite knowledge. I only make a recommendation. I don’t tell them who to hire.

What if they are one and the same Raymond?:wink:

e. Cover the whole house with stucco.

F. Don’t worry about it…window’s been painted-shut since 1964.


Unless I see the extent of the damage to the foundation, I would not be able to answer the question properly. As it stands, the repairs to the brick have been done, there is a sag in the sill, I see that, but there is no evidence as to the problem continuing.

Tyrone, actually the repairs to the bricks had not been done, I was pushing out the mortar with my fingers (figured I better stop before it wiped it all out). There was a crack on the stem wall under neath it.

Then as it stands, the picture is not properly identifying the deficiency.

That is the problem of trying to sight identify a problem from only one picture. As most of us know that when we are on the job site there is going to be a dang sight more investigation from us going through the interior, roof line, crawlspace and from that will draw a more informative conclusion than looking at a one inch by one inch snapshot and coming up with the possible cause. That is why I was comfortable with recommending a SE, I did not have enough information to determine the “cause” nor should I unless I am an SE. Too many new inspectors are trying to answer ALL of the questions when they are not qualified to do so. There has been a shift towards this in recent years and this may account for some inspectors getting in over their heads and getting into trouble by analyzing problems instead of referring problems. Just “guessing” at a possible cause is a dangerous gamble that is completely unnecessary for the HI.

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