House Trap

What is the best or easiest way to find out if the home has a house trap in the plumbing.

Did you find something similiar to this anywhere? Any visible cleanouts?


Have not been there yet. I have the inspection on Thursday. I am checking more but the realtor said the city wants all house traps removed in all houses in the city.

I wonder why? If it is removed, pewee can smell up the house if the sewer system is not properly maintained. Guess how often that happens?

In 27 years, I have never seen a trap in a building drain such as that. That trap actually provides an impediment to solid waste velocity and flow. Have seen similar traps in basement floors where a floor drain is installed for example in place of the second cleanout plug on the right.

How so?

If that is the main building drain, removal of the trap will improve the flow of waste. A regular cleanout can be installed for future maintenance. There should be no odours emanating into the house as (1) the system has a vent system and (2) all the drain/waste/vent connections should be water/airtight.

That doesn’t mean there not out there. I’ve seen several over the years. If the home has modernized plumbing with proper venting and traps at each drain, most cities/counties want them removed.

The first time I came across one, it was the only trap in the entire house.

Was there a vent system of any type?

Maybe he means a grease trap

We will see…