Today's Inspection (actually close-by)

This was a block down from today’s inspection. Unfortunately there was one fatality and while I was there the man’s son stopped by. We chatted a bit and he said the Fire Dept’s thinking right now was the fire started near the fireplace in the den and burned for an hour or more before getting neighbor’s attention. The last photo clearly shows the rear of the home and in the center is where the fireplace was. The man’s son said his dad liked to have really big fires going and that he probably just didn’t tend it properly before going to bed. I asked about smoke alarms and the son said there were some in the house but he didn’t know if they were working. Really makes me want to spend extra time on the fireplace inspections.
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Bummer…we had one like it overnight…one death.:frowning:

Get smoke alarms and make sure they work!

Incidentally, Mike, I sent you an email for more info on a need you mentioned but I didn’t hear back. Maybe it got lost. Here is my addy.

whis11 at

Sorry, Larry…I didn’t get the email but I’ll forward that info to you right now.



That is very sad, and hope that all of us can at one point share some of our educational values in educating the prospective clients for something like this not to happen.


Marcel :slight_smile: :frowning:

Hi to all,

That is a terrible and timely reminder of our obligations to our clients

  1. Recommend in all our reports that fire alarms be checked monthly, and the batteries be replaced twice a year.
  2. That all chimney systems get a level II evaluation by a licensed sweep annually.

I hate extra “padding” in reports, but life safety issues are just that.




Good advice. For ourselfs and our clients.