Would this be considered a Defect?

Yes the title is sarcastic. If you miss these you should find another job. And yes the fireplace could have been easily used. :wink:

Fluffy insulation and a attic heater, looks cozy!

Sean that was funny, I read the title, saw the pic and was about to start ripping away typing before I read your actual post. LOL

Quitting time! We’ll finish the job tomorrow.:oops:

Common “Ozark” engineering. See it all the time under toilets in crawlspaces, in attics making room for fireplaces and HVAC units. Since there is no code, this is not a “defect”… it is a “modification that appears to have compromised the integrity of the structure of the building”.

James This Sean guy is completely out of control , Wanting a fire place to vent to the outside is just unbelievable , Another fine example of Home Inspector Gone wild. What will next Pictures of him bare chested in a crawl space. lol

I know you jest, Wayne.

Let us not forget that people die from this. I would never want to be the inspector who is called for missing something like this.

Yes i was kidding, He is doing a great job James we talk and compare every day. I am glad to have him doing Home inspection in this area. Both of us have found some wonderful workmanship around here, It was not to long ago he called with a gas flue just like this, I found several the same way over the years and some just disconnected. Not to mention furnaces with bad heat exchangers. A good remebered not to take anything to be finished and working .

I was under the impression that everyone in Tennesee has a ‘smoker’ in the attic!

Just the rich ones Jeffrey just the rich ones

I am not sure which would have came first, the carbon monoxide and smoke, or the fire in the attic. At least I can add the pics to my collection.

Yeah, I definately think this should have been reported. Someone could have easily fallen through that felt paper and got there foot stuck in that whatchamacallit metal thingy.