Houses from ships?

Today, I inspected a small,(under 900 sf) 2 story house that I estimated to be 60 years old (from the toilet tank lid). I was told by a next door neighbor that the house was made from the steel of ships after WW 2. This house was built on a crawl space. Steel beam and bolted steel floor joists. Exposed steel joists on the ceiling of the living room and kitchen. Steel stairs to the 2nd floor. Curved walls/ceilings in the closets of the 2 upstairs bedrooms. The interior walls are quite thin, probably no more than 2 1/2 or 3 inches thick, and made of 4x8 panels. The listing realtor told me he thought it could be a Sears kit home, but that dosen’t check out. Has anyone else ever come across something like this? How about a source of info? THanks in advance.

Hi to all,

Stewart, several former WWII manufacturers tried to produce panelized homes after the war the most famous of these was lustron, what you are describing is not a Lustron home but it is of that ilk

check this out



Stuart, any pictures?