Name that siding

Sorry for the terrible photo. It was a drive-by. I’m wondering if anybody knows the type of siding on this house. Looks to be 50s or 60s. It is almost like large plastic squares probably 24 x 24. Any ideas?

Good luck with that photo. :frowning:

100 mph siding . Swishhhhhh!

Grape RE Inspections isn’t off to such a great start… $8 drive-by inspections… and by the quality of that pic… being overpaid!

Seriously you need to learn how to take pictures.
How would you know they are plastic ?

My wife took the pic on the way to work, dont blame me! LOL Ive seen it on a few houses in the older part of the city. Its Plastic Like. Probably fiberglass of somekind… They are just 24" square panels that fit together like a puzzle. Like I said Ive only seen it on two or three houses…

There are a few of those in my area as well. I haven’t inspected any, not sure of the materials used. I believe they were a packaged home, possibly Sear’s but not sure haven’t needed to research.

Its this one.
Those are metal not plastic.

Nice link Bob
There is one 2 blocks from my home, it stands out around here as most of the homes here are 100+ yr old 2 story homes. It’s the only one I have seen around here and it’s in great shape.

That’s my area and those are the homes I was thinking of.

Wake up Barry!
Look at the other post.

Very interesting, good work. I guess the enamel gives it a plastic look. Super cool

Nice find Bob.

I was stumped.

Nick the large squares triggered a memory of seeing them in Lombard,IL where they are almost considered historic. I noticed them driving and researched them at the time.

Pretty sure they built quite a few at the Indiana Dunes as well.

I would pay any of you if you ever come across a section that you could ship to me.

Most likely any siding is not easy to obtain as it would be highly valued being porcelain coated.
Look how exited those two guys on American Pickers get everytime they see a old sign that is porcelain coated.
My guess is replacement costs a fortune.

I know what that is, its a Lustron home. We have a few of those in Mpls. All steel built and the siding is enamel (porcelain maybe) coated steel panels.

I think drive by inspection is a figure of speech, you should probably stop to take the photo…

Looks like old asbestos siding to me