How about these costs for phone consults like waterproofing

duh uh yeah i guess Uncle Tim Tim is simply a better biz man than baldy boy Bubba

let’s see here
1 hour expert phone consult $375 (was $495, what a deal), and expert on what exactly?

15 minute call $129.95

wet basement consult $195

1-day long distance consult only $7,995

expert witness just $5k

you know how many damn calls my azz has done well over 1 hour and ton more 15 minute consults, for free? LOL

expert witness, free

just did anoter long distance for, yeah free…Kalamazoo for us is umm, long distance eh
2 1/2 hour drive there plus spent 3 hours on site doing water test and 2 1/2 hrs back hmmmm.

the main reason i did the Kalamazoo crazy shtt was because this nice lady was ripped off, lied to by Great Lakes waterproofing $8,000, a small lil bentonite injection and a few other stupid pathetic weak incompetent crooked things inside basement - seller did not disclose, home inspector said nothing about all the diff leaks, mold n so on… all visible, wanna see? LOL

If I could and if I had, gotten fees for all the phone consulting that I’ve done, I’d be eating more steak.


hear you loud n clear Mr H :wink: