How about this Ontario logo with the lakes incorporated into it?

Do you like?

Change the red to green , That will catch the tree hugger s .
Fits Ontario a little better too.

I like it.

Looks excellent great lakes

Yes, the ‘Great Lakes’ are excellant !!! :wink:

This looks great but I agree with Wayne. The province should be green

I like it, red is flashy but maybe green would be better.

Just make sure Dalton McGuinty gets his share.

LOL I still say green for Ontario Why because it is my Old Province And it is truly a green Place

I like it and I agree with the green.
Nice work!


Green and it looks great!Red is a little too Liberal for my taste.:wink:

For me the residential is a problem as I do some commercial and large resort residential work as well. Viewing the logo i would eliminate the word residential, and yes go green. I would not like to give my commercial and investor clients the impression I was only qualified to do residential work so I would not use the logo as is but stick with the interNACHI logo I have on my truck,and leterhead,and website, and wife’s car, and front door, and boat, and ice hut!
I haven’t figured out how to make it stick to the tent flap I intend to use next week for moose hunting but I am working on it. :smiley:

Sounds like you should be a Certified Master Inspector.… Trademarked in Canada:

How much does it cost to have your credential’s evaluated?

Originally Posted by gromicko
Sounds like you should be a Certified Master Inspector.… Trademarked in Canada: http://www.certifiedmasterinspector…trademark.html


Now thats is an interesting question .
We all know the public likes the CMI and if we had some sort of credentials that where government recognized this could be a great asset to the CMIs and make it more advantages for others to join too.
There are 32 CMIs in Ontario and 3 of them are in Roys Home Inspection.
Those who have the qualifications to become CMIs might want to talk to a CMI.
It works well for us and it could for you too.

How does this look?

Hello folks:
What do you think about the logo that I attached?

i’m not sure Ontario’s flag has much significance in Ontario, In Quebec, i think having the flag would be appropriate, i don’t think most people in Ontario would recognize the flag. I really like the logo with the province outline in green.