Do you like this Ontario InterNACHI logo?

Thoughts please.

Not a Canadian but it looks great from down here ( Like the colors :slight_smile: )

Looks Good Nick

I would suggest you look at the logo for Alberta on our chapter and use it’s design. I make this suggestion in the interests of consistency and setting a standard for others to follow. Go to to see it. Looks damn fine to me! baby!

Maple leaf needs a stem to look complete. Colour is good. Like to see full size as Ontario lettering looks small but may show up fine in larger size. I am hoping this means InterNACHI is getting more involved in Ontario.

The logo has too much red, could do better Nick!

red is our colour, looks fine to me

This looks more like a national logo as opposed to a provincial logo. Maybe the word Ontario could be at the bottom.

YES Nick looks good

I like it and am glad that Nachi is/ will be more visible here. I have realtors telling me that they dont want to recommend anyone who doesn’t belong to OAHI. Is anyone else hearing this?

i like it. I am glad that Nachi is/will be more visible here. I have realtors telling me that they don’t want to recommend anyone who doesn’t belong to OAHI. Anyone else dealing with that?

Looks great Nick!!!

I agree with Vern, the Alberta NACHI logo says Alberta and I proudly display it on my website, the Ontario logo needs to have Ontario standing out in front clearly saying Ontario, same with the colour. however it is up to the Ontario members in the end, we just offer our 2 cents.

It is a nice looking logo…for Canada. The Maple leaf is used for Canada. The Trillium is used for Ontario.

Hi Nick;
The Maple Leaf logo looks very good, but the white Ontario lettering is too hard to read. I recommend that you try black lettering instead I have temporary placed it on my website if you want to see what I mean

Hi Nick:
Each Province has a flag, so I think it is better to use the flag of ontario with Nachi logo.


I agree with Maz. Lets go with the Ontario flag or the trillium.


They are copyrighted material and you need permission from the government to use it.

Sorry meant to say trademarked.

Having such a nice logo is ‘‘a propos’’ for the whole country!
D’un ocean à l’autre - a mari usque ad mare.from one ocean to another.
As we are trying to agree on a national certification program, I believe that having a united front is better for all.
Proud member of NACHI and proud Canadian from Quebec and proud of the society we are building!

I also agree with the trillium incorparated into the ontario background label.This is the best design and makes us look more professional in all ontario.Since we have the biggest presents we should have a acceptable logo.:wink: over 500 strong.
Sorry OAHI and CAPHI members.:frowning: