Ontario InterNachi Logo

Levi is finished the logo so here it is.
I need honest opinions please.


Lots of options. Looks good.


You might have missed this Timothy.

Just so everyone knows Levi is working on a logo for any InterNachi Home Inspector, it will have both the Trillium and Canadian Maple Leaf. Along with this, just like any InterNachi logo it will be for all InterNachi Inspectors in Ontario. You still can belong to any other Association and will not be affected by this displayed on your website or stationary.
I think you will be proud of this one for sure.

I just looked back and can see it was mentioned yesterday. Something is off, I think it is the way the white around the trillium looks. Not sure what can be done to correct it. It just looks like it is missing something. Not sure. I like the overall design is good though.

I asked someone who was not a Home Inspector about the design and he clearly said it defines 2 things. Canadian and Ontario. This is what we are trying to Achieve with this logo. No other Color can be added as then it will be harder to distinguish the Trillium.
The Trillium can’t go anywhere else either as it just will not fit correctly.

Sorry I just wanted to change the Title as to what it should say.

Hello out there Ontario!!! Any more to add as we most likely will keep the logo after one week of exposure on the message board.
Once released all will have access to the actual Logo design.

Not sure I understand this. Is CanNACHI to be superceded by InterNACHI?

Ask NICK nick@internachi.org

Who is CanNACHI and what can they offer me with my membership? (Wink-LOL)

http://www.cannachi.org/ Nothing to offer.

send me you phone number if you want more info… Roy

So far there have been comments about the Logo by e-mail. Not one about it not being a good design.
Looks like the PACHI is back Roy!:mrgreen:


Look at the otherpost by Roy!
Both Logo’s had the Trillium and Maple leaf.

fine…Roy what is PACHI?? Kevin doesn’t want to say.

I can’t as it is hard enough to comment on my phone. I can tell you it is an old Ontario Association that had a similar Logo with the Trillium and Maple Leaf.

Provincial association of certified Home Inspectors .Joined with OAHI and now OAHI owns the name and all associated with PACHI .

I was a member of both associations and was on the amalgamation Committee


Thanks Roy. I was just curious.

No problem glad to help and time if I can . been around for a while .

I know that they offer nothing but their name Roy, I was just being a pain in the a s s ! :wink: