How big a house did you say this was?

I’ve done several draw inspections so far, on this behemoth.
This baby is 10,000 +sq.ft.
These big houses never cease to amaze me…:stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t imagine what the gas or electric bills will be for this place…:shock:
but they are fun to look at…

Wow! Alot of house for the springs… Where is it?

Helped another inspector out with a 15k plus SF behemoth a few months back and low and behold they were piping Air Conditioning ducts out to the open back pool/patio area. Can you say “Money is not an issue”

How does the owner make a living?

I can assure you he isn’t doing home inspections to pay for that home.

I couldn’t afford the drapes for that place!!!
(right now)

Maybe next year!!! :slight_smile:


I love getting speck checks on these homes. Was that bedroom number 8 or 10 hmmmmm.

I have 4 right now that are all over 10,000 sf. very nice stuff.

We have a 24,000 sf. home being built about 1/2 mile from me. If I can get past the security I will take some pictures. The word on the street is that the home has an indoor Olympic size pool with some water slides for the kids. And oh yeah a helicopter pad as well. The home is just way too big.

Bowling anyone?

P1020011 (Small).JPG

Google Earth views

This house was being built for a retired couple moving here from California.
I’ve only dealt with the builder, and don’t really know the couple at this point.
They (folks in general, from CA.) think this area is a bargain, compared to where they’re moving in from. :neutral:
Its located North of Co. Springs, on whats called the “Palmer Divide”, just off of highway 83. Slightly East of I-25.
Its in a newly developed area where there are many “McMansions” of that size.

Here is my draw for a 14,000 sq ft. home going for 2.6m. 7 furnaces, 4 200amp service panels, a commercial 3 story elevator (not one of them tiny ones). Egos at their best! :smiley:

Wait til they get the energy bills ! :shock: