A chimney sweep's dream




Holy soot batman! :shock: :shock: :shock:

I guess 8 was not enough. Those architects never design for enough chimneys.:cool:

There’s a $450-$600 morning for a good sweep!!!

Is this a multi unit building?

No. Single residence. Horse farm house was 11,472 sqft. They tell me it costs about $12,000 per year to heat this house! The previous owner who built the house used one of the rooms to display his hunting trophies. In that one room apparently was a full sized stuffed elephant, rhino, alligator, etc. While I’m not in favor of hunting, it does give you an idea of how large just this one room was. Wine cellar the size of most people’s living rooms, Wine pressing room, gun room, game room, sauna, vault room was the size of normal person’s bathroom, and just a whole bunch of rooms and corridors that were…well… just extra.

90 acres of land. About 6 large barns. All padocks made from structral steel square tubing. Each barn must have been 10,000-15,000 sqft. large pond, couple of tennis courts, blah, blah… you get the picture.