How did everyone handle this question?

I got a call this morning from a lady needing an inspection. After asking her for the pertinent information about the home and giving her an inspection price, she asked how long I had been inspecting. I tell her the truth, 3 months, previously with licensed inspectors in an apprenticeship.
At this point I feel like I’ve lost her. She states she will need an inspection in a few days if her offer is accepted, and will call back. Should I call her back in a day or two? Should I have handled the new inspector question differently?

Also, is it better to post pricing on web site or have them call for pricing?

Be honest. It will cost you in the beginning, but lying can get you sued for fraud and fraud carries with it unlimited punitive damages.

Mary Ann,
First, it is best not to lie about your time in the business. Be forthcoming about yourself and just try not to sound desperate when selling your business. On the desperate angle, do not call back.

I have never posted pricing on my website for the simple fact I want them to call me. It’s better to have a bit of a conversation and try to build a rapport. Figure out what your time is worth and charge appropriately. Network, network, network…

Best of luck,

Mary Ann, read post # 14 in this thread it is pure gold.

You cannot lie about your experience. This conversation in that post will probably keep the question from being asked.

In my experience so far, if they say they will call you back…their gone.

Thank for all the advice. I wouldn’t lie about my experience, but is there a way to build confidence with clients while being truthful about being a new inspector?

What is your experience?

You can answer by quoting related experience that drew you to Inspection.

It is called mis/direction.


Mis-direction can be worse than a straight out lie. Don’t do it. Consumers get very suspicious when the answere to their question is side-stepped.

Mary Anne,

I would…

“Mrs. Client, My company has only been in business for about three months. Prior to starting my business, I participated in an apprenticship program where I learned my trade. I strongly believe in continuing education…” (you see where I’m going)…


Oh yeah…telling them all your weaknesses works great Jeff.

I can see you trying to get dates right now.
Can we all picture you trying to get a date in the past /

Hmmm here we go “ouddle do doudle do doudle do doudle do”.

Hi my name is Jeff and would really like to see you or take you out.
You will want to choose me because I have no game,never dated a pretty woman before,hate spending money,but I did watch my friends go on dates and think that proves I am trying to learn and think asking them more questions in the future will make me a good choice for you right now.

I may make a few mistakes and not know if you even wish to kiss me at the end of the night ,but you will be good practice ,so even though you do not know me yet ,you will give it a shot right.

Please ignore that guy over at the other end of the room even if he is better looking.-o<

I know he gave you his number ,but I am sure you will not call him after I was so upfront with you ,right ?

*Yeah that type approach should work fine and dandy.

You win*


You forgot to take your medicine again!

I’m curious what other inspectors opinions are on this.

Come-on guys/gals… Bob opened the door… walk on through!!!

Truth or mis-direction… how do you treat your clients???

OH, wait… you already have… in posts 2,3,4,5 !!!

Boy, that hit a nerve.:roll:

My experience? Well mam, I’ve been looking at houses for over 20 years! (19 of those years it was my own house- but I didn’t lie):roll::slight_smile:

Nope, not at all…

Just trying out some of Bob’s MIS-DIRECTION !!!:twisted:

So David,

In Mary Anne’s situation, what would you say ???

I would NEVER post my prices on my website! Why? Then they have no reason to call you and you lose the chance to “sell your services” / market yourself.

Also the “low -ballers” will always undercut you!

Keep the faith and Good Luck!:D.

Hey Jeff
How is the weather up there right now ?

I have been shoveling the stuff down here my entire life , even though it does not amount to as much as what you are used to, but over the years it has added up to lots of experience with knowing how to handle the stuff.

One look and I know if I need the shovel or the plow.

What do yo think, am I shoveling it or piling it up ? :slight_smile:

I agree that a direct question deserves a direct answer. Especially coming from a trade like ours that is (or should be) founded on direct responses to concerns.

When that question is answered, why not inform your potential customer of your positive attributes. In continuing to speak to that person he/she may develop a rapport with you. Sell them on your positives and tell them why you are the best person for the job.

When I get the “I’ll call you back” I do feel like I sold myself short to that person. Probably because we want to “book 'em”. Surprising how many times I hear back from that same person a couple days later. One inspection that I did today was a “Let me call you in a few days”.

Would or do I call them back?.. not really. I generally feel I have provided them with answers to their questions and let them know that/where I am of value to them. I can’t say that I think that follow up is a bad idea though. Why not!

Good luck Mary.

The BS is getting pretty deep. I think I’ll call someone who has shoveled a lot of sidewalks, has references and does an honest job.I also like a shoveler who doesn’t shovel the realtor’s sidewalk better than mine.:wink:

“well. i have been involved in construction AND home Inspection for over 20 years. I got my HI license 3 months ago as it has become mandated in the state of Indiana”. “currently working on radon, wdi, mold testing certifications during the slow months” blah blah blah

Thanks James, I agree with you on Post #14, great advice. I’m still hoping for the call back!

One other thing, Mary Ann.

Along with being honest and up-front with everyone you do business with, learn about the message board.

You see, certain forums — such as this one ---- are open to the public and will show up when the person who is wondering about you decides to “Google” your name.

That is why you should always be a straight shooter and tell things like they really are.