How did he do it???

The warden isn’t saying how he did it – can you? :shock:

Escapee from Colorado prison bypassed electric fence

UPDATE: Here’s a new InterNACHI article that may explain some things:

Electric Fence Inspection

Generally, for that to work he would need to “un-ground” or insulate himself…not “ground” himself. Grounding himself would just make an electric fence more dangerous. And the touching once versus touching twice comment makes no sense.

A ‘Faraday’ suit!

That’s a lot of tin foil;-)

If by ground himself, they meant establish a lower impedance path to ground outside of his body, it should work.

The touch it twice and you’ll die comment makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you were State corrections chief Ari Zavaras, wouldn’t you want keep the prisoners thinking that there is some strange, mysterious and deadly power in the fence? If I were him I would follow up by forcing them to watch Lost reruns. :mrgreen:

Gee, I remember those electric fences when I was a kid, that kept the cows in. I also found out quite young that urinating on one of those things might not kill you but will be an experience you will never forget.
Oh, that wasn’t me, it was my friend. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Just like you do when you are fixing live radars.

Hold the ground, or a wire in contact with it, and touch the fence first with your elbow.

Did you people not watch Myth Busters…lol…very low milliamps with most of those systems so chances of it killing you are slim and none. Now, the ones used in prisons not the case and thats for different reasons…but I digress.

I could say how I think he would have done it…or atleast how I would have done it but then again I aint going to prison to prove my opinions…:wink: