How do I market myself to Realtors or any advertising help?

The last couple of weeks have been dead for me. Before that I would have at least one or two inspections a week. All the marketing I have been doing has been threw Google ad words express but it’s costing me a fortune. I have tried in the past to market myself to realtors but it seems they already have people they use (or at least that’s what they tell me). Can anyone tell me any tricks or tips to sell myself to the realtors or any other advertising that anyone does that seems to be paying off.

Go to your local realtors office with your pants down to your ankles and a jar of Vaseline or KY in your hand. They’ll get the hint. As for advertising, hang a sign on your back that reads “enter here for soft and easy reports”.
Looks like you got the thermal imaging thing figured out. You’re missing the infrared rainbow logo though. Pay John for the class and be certified.

ill go to costco and get the econo size KY I really need the work

While you’re at it, pick up some knee pads and lots of mouthwash.:wink:

Some guys do seminars or presentations.
I never step foot in a Brokers office as it is a conflict of interest IMO.
You go there and they will be salivating at manipulating you because if you are new they will smell blood and who can blame them.
The good Agents will refer you if they see you as knowledgeable and helpful to your actual clients.
The best method is the T.I.M.E method.
It takes time for referrals unless you do as Linas said.

Just do a good job for your clients and remain friendly plus keep another line of work that gets you in public.

Fill in your profile is a good start.

Post your brochure here and let me take a quick look at it.

I do not have a brochure as Im just starting if you can point me in the right direction ill get one a.s.a.p

Tom, order an Express Lane Package from InterNACHI Print Services:

InterNACHI’s design team will set you up with free logo and marketing designs right away.

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A couple of things I’ve learned are these: When Realtors say they already have someone they use, ask to be their number 2 guy. This may sound weird, but sometimes the other guy might be busy and they may give you a chance. This also shows them that you’re not trying to steal someone else’s show. Also, learn all you can through NACHI. Use this time to take on-line courses so that you will appear knowledgeable and confident. I would also recommend doing a few free inspections for friends and family just to establish patterns and then bring some of your training books along in areas you feel weaker in. Then you can spend a long time looking at the furnace together with the book, for example, to familiarize yourself in those specific areas. I’ve also aligned myself with other contractors and professionals in my area who have really helped me a lot. (One company gives me coupons for 10% off paint for all my clients and I am in the works of getting another one for 10% off at the local lumber yard). Stay connected, stay focused and stay motivated. Let me know how it goes.