How do I write this up????

Take a look at the photos…is this a double tap/triple tap…

From the limited views of your photo’s, I see a panel that (possibly) needs upgrading.

Double tapped neutrals. And double tapped breakers.

Some of those breakers are tandems and would by design have 2 wires as they are actually 2 breakers in the space of one.

The other thing is that Square D breakers are listed for 2 wires.

The triple however is not correct.

The hot side double taps on the breakers just maybe allowed.
Look at the breaker themselves and see if it is permitted. Now I don’t expect you remove a breaker. Look at the panel label. The clamps on the breaker fastener is (looks) like it can handle two wires of the same gage. BUT you need to confirm if the panel allows for it. Not all double taps are wrong.

As for the triple tap on the neutral buss…well that is pushing it a bit.

The bottom fitting where the source feed is coming into the panel maybe missing a bushing…:wink:

I expect a bunch of responses…:smiley:

It didn’t look like a Square-D panel and that’s the only one I’m sure allows a double tap on the breaker. All others, I write it up.

Looking at the photos again there is a TRIPLE tap on one breaker plus some other questionable conditions and findings…

I think this needs a “recommend further evaluation by qualified electrical contractor” statement. Someone been playing…lets-trick-all;-)

still talking about double taps…use search.

thanks gang…I did put in the recommend evaluation by a qualified electrician. There were two breakers tagged to handle a double but none of the others were. The triple was pushing it. I will write up as suggested.

Typically, the panel board label will indicate if and where the tandem breakers are allowed.

Not all of their breakers. :wink:

This type from Square D work for 2 proper conductors:

twowirebreaker (Small).jpg

twowirebreaker (Small).jpg

Yes, there are some, but from the previous post it seemed like someone could get the impression that all SqD breakers we would see are rated for 2.