How do we consider box fill here?

This was being used in a convention center in Orlando, Florida where coffee was $5.00 per cup in a room for the electrical systems.

I am not too sure yet but is this is a recognized method or listed for this use?

Maybe someone can do some research and find out for us.


I doubt you could make a fill violation, that is a pretty big enclosure for 6 devices and a dozen conductors but there is certainly a 110.3(B)

BTW assuming a 8ga 4 wire feed and six 12ga to the duplexes. I get 41.25 cu/in of fill. You only count the grounding conductors once, using the largest size. Devices count 2 x the largest connected conductor.

4 x 3 =12 (the #8 feeder, also picks up the grounds)
3 x 3 = 9 (the breakers, using worst case )
6 x 2.25 = 13.5 (the wire to the Duplexes)
3 x 2.25 = 6.75 (the duplexes)