How do you turn a fox into a cow?

Marry it.

are You single Robert or just about to be?

LOL I’m married. She dont come to this mb.

does she have a gun?

As a matter of fact, yeah she does. But it just a little girly .38

duck and cover Sir…

If your woman turns out to be getting plump, ITS YOUR FAULT.
Its your fault for not helping her and incur-ridging her with love and interest to be the best and healthiest she can be. For the children you herself.
Explain to her the Benefits ( you know what I mean ) for Viagra will not be needed.

It was a joke my daughter told us at dinner. My wife isn’t even close to being over weight. But i thought it was a funny joke.

It was! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I just won’t be telling it around my house. :shock:

You know the old saying

It use to be wine, women and song

Now it’s, beer the ole lady and TV

Rob, it seems that you have a death wish.