reward offered

I heard this on the radio this am, a small town NW of here in NC has a farmer that lost a big black angus bull ($$$$), he wants help in finding his bull and is offering a handsome reward of $25. But see, you don’t have to help catch him, just point him out. So, I am thinking, jeez, that is peanuts, but what if 50 people point out the bull to him, does he have to pay each one $25? Looks like he will need Joe Ferry’s help before this is over…:mrgreen:

When I was a police officer, we had a farmer whose cows would get out from time to time…I remember one time where about a dozen of them got on I-85 northbound…lol…never though of my as a cowboy however I was that night…lol…running up and down the highway trying to keep them (and me) from getting hit…back then I got paid $12.00 per hour… lol

In high school I ended up late at night in a pasture with a couple of friends herding cattle with bottle rockets. Loads of fun until we ran out of rockets. :shock:

So thats where them tough steaks came from…

This brings back memories when I found my father’s 90 proof stash under feed in the barn and gave some to the bull.

It was winter time where bull and cows are held in harness in the barn.

To make a long story short, the bull got drunk and broke loose of his harness while the 30+ cows were still in harness…

Lucky bull me say!

Kinda reminds me of the time, lo those many years ago, that I shot a buffalo that got loose from the meat packing plant and was terrorizing the town. Someplace I still have the newspaper clipping.

Come on Erby, I have to see this one. :smiley:

Reminds me of a time I was deer hunting and came across a cow in the middle of the woods. Seems it wondered off from the county farm and got lost. Well I won’t bore you guys with the details but lets just say there was more than venison in the freezer that winter.