How fast can you climb a ladder?

How fast can you climb a ladder?

Nice shot of the Golden Gate Bridge though. :wink:


Mike that link froze my computer.
I had to manually shut down.

Buy a new computer. It works fine. :slight_smile:

It is probably that new laser printer driver Bob. :smiley:

Well hell, if I can’t believe random crap in my e-mail what am I suppose to believe?
I hope that guy from Nigeria gets back to me soon. I cashed out my Roth to get the $$ for him.

How do we know your link isn’t fake? Thanks allot Brian & Mike I’m never gonna believe anything ever again.

I am sure the Nigerian guy is on the up and up Mark, it will get better. :smiley:

Not hooking the printer till tommorow.
Damn thing is big.
Mike I got a ton of ad clicks and the words bad url as my computer froze.
Laptop is fine.


send me $10K and I’ll tell you how to scam the Nigerian.

Perhaps a firewall or anti virus software with POPUP BLOCKER is in order. :slight_smile:

I sure hope so, the wife’s starting to ask questions. :shock:

With the money he’s sending me I won’t need to be a part of any scam. :smiley: