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A brief up date. During a controlled test at an engineering facility with representatives present for the compainant and the defendant, this ladder collapsed on two seperate occasions. Litigation is proceeding.

Telescoping ladders
I thought that I would share with you my experience with a telescoping ladder. I purchased this piece of high tech equipment from my local Home Depot Store. It was manufactured by a Quebec company known as MetalTech. While coming DOWN from a roof inspection, the right side of the ladder collapsed. I was fortunate that the Real Estate Broker was present. He witnessed my fall and transported me to the hospital emergency room. He then had the misfortune to inform my wife where I was and what happened. This COLLAPSE ocurred June 6/07. I underwent emergency surgery due to the possiblity of bone infection and the possibility of amputation. The final results of the fall: compound fracture of the left wrist ( bone protuding ), compressed 2nd and 3rd vertebrae, torn rotator cuff, 100 shots of morphine, 200 percocets, three days in the hospital, permanent mobility disability of the wrist.

On the positive side, thankfully it happened in my 60’s and not when I was a young house builder. To-day it is difficult to hold a screw or nail and I suffer from hand tremors. In fact I am fortunate when compared to the suffering of our men and women in Irag and Afganistan.

To all you nay sayers and telescoping ladder supporters, be careful, they are inheritantly dangerous. The newer models are colour coded to indicate they are fully locked in position.

MetalTech, Extend&Climb, Telesteps, they are all the same thing being manufactured under license. They are banned in Germany and have been given an unsatisfactory rating by consumer rating agencies.

Take a look at the pictures and decide if they are worth the risk to your health. Remember that you have a wife and kids waiting at home for you.

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Thanks Bryce
I knew there was a reason I hate these multiladders.
just last week I was showing a few Inspectors my Werner multi-ladder and how it does not seem safe only to told that I should try the type you describe right here.
Pat ?

I have been using an Xtend and Climb for the last 4 yrs. Still have the same ladder and have not had an issue to date. I only use it for interior attic scuttles, have a Little Giant for the exterior and higher scuttles in the garage etc…

Go to my website for the other one.

Hi Bryce,

I hope you’re doing better…I remember your first post regarding this incident, I too had an issue with a Telesteps Ladder, the pins snapped on my down, luckily I did not suffer any trauma, but I will never step foot on another one.

Like Condo Bob said, Werner or Bust.

I do use a Gorilla Ladder, but I could pull a car out of a ditch with the side pins.

For small heights I have my two Werner Step ladders, 6ft. and 8ft.

All I need to get me to and from any location I intend to view, approach, encroach–:roll:

I use Extend & Climb. Love them. I didn’t like the original Telesteps. I originally had five Telesteps, and they all lasted less than a year. I have nine Extend & Climb, and they all have lasted for five years or more now. Best ladder I’ve ever owned, and very convenient for getting into attics in the beach areas here where the access is in the laundry closet, directly above the real nice washer and dryer.


   I have to agree. I have the extend and climb ladder now and love it. I do a pre-flight check list to make sure that all the indicators are green before I go. I had an extend and climb before that, and it is sitting in the garage. Hated that one. It lasted about a year and a half before it bit the big one. Right after I greased it up too. Waste of good grease.

I still use my extend and climb ladder tha I purchased 4 years ago and works fine. The only issue so far is that it is getting somewhat tight and requires a little WD40 to slide free. Other than that, it has been my best companion. I would like to hear more comments.

My extend and climbe is two years old and fine. John, use Silicone lube on your ladder. :smiley:

Absolutely DO NOT USE WD40. It specifically says to use a silicone spray. WD40 picks up dust and particulates that can affect the smooth operation of the ladder. That is why it is “getting somewhat tight”. The use of silicone spray is what is stated in their directions.

With the rain we get up here, I constantly clean the ladder and the silicone spray does make a big difference.

If you guys gotta use a spray to make them work right than they aint working right.:frowning:
Seriously WD40 gets used in the wrong places all the time.
For instance it is bad on lock cylinders and actually seems to dry them out.
Use real oil.

All ladders need periodic maintenance and examination knucklehead.:roll:

Does anyone use graphite as a dry lubricant? I remember my Dad swore by it for locks and door hinges.

I remember it came in a plastic tube with a pointed metal tip.

Graphite is good.

Chemical sprays are not used on recommended fiberglass ladders.

If you think risking your life is worth it ,be my guest but after reading the first post on this thread you are the knuckle head.

What type of professional ladder instruction do you base your opinion on other than rage against safety and conformity.

Great silicon will be. However, my ladder continues to ladder real good. Thanks!!!

I had the extend and climb for a few years before the feet started slipping out while climbing to attic scuttles in garage. The ball shaped feet which is stupid to begin with, make it easy to slip on dirty, dusty surfaces. Watch it!

A good rubber, non skid car mat stops that.

Not to be rude about safety and someones misfortune, BUT we hashed this out about 6-12 months ago. Same guy / same accident.