Xtend and Climb ladders are junk.

Yep! I’ve owned 3 and they all will not come down properly if at all.
Their support sucks and there product is junk.
All they can say is spray it with silicone.
Most get stuck on the 2nd or 3rd rung.
I call and left messages for the past 3 days with no reply.
A little while ago I got a live human on the phone, but the support lady was in a meeting and could not come to the phone.
I’m friggin’ done with them…
Don’t buy one for everyday use…You will be sorry!
Oh! and by the way …Only a 6 month warranty .

Never seen a little giant owner complain Mine is 19 years old.

I agree. It is just the simplicity of the X&C that get ya.

I use mine several times a day with no issue. I think its user error…

No it isn’t . I have 3 -300 pounders and they all have similar issues.

I had an issue with my extend and climb, and they sent me a new one.

I found their customer service to be awesome.

I’m still waiting for a call back since 11 am this morning. I think they have change . Last year they were quick to respond , but not now.

Lol thats a pretty clear sign that it’s user error :slight_smile:

I love mine it gets used multiple times every day I:E 2 inspections per day at least 5 days a week opening and closing 2-3 times per inspection, it is the only ladder I carry. I will say that they wear out after 2-3 years and I just consider it a business expense to buy a new one. That ladder is what allowed me to drive Toyota Priuses from 2007 to 2015 getting 40+ MPG and now allows me to drive a Chevy Volt without folding seats down. 7,300 miles since May and only 5 gas fill-ups.

I have 2 and they work perfectly fine. I’ve had 0 issues in 3 years.

Maybe the brand sticker says “Telesteps” :wink:

Very happy with mine, I’m very deliberate with, I make sure each lock engages.
I lubricate it as needed. Good ladder but as with any ladder, BE CAREFUL!

I don’t think xtend n climb is a little giant.

I have the Werner 13ft Multi Use Ladder and love it. Gets me up to most roofs and attic hatches in my area. I haven’t had one issue with my ladder.

So Roy you had to buy and use three of the same type of ladder before you realized they were " junk "?

You know you are a fuking jerk! And I don’t muck like you.
They are rated for 300 lbs.
Eat s
hit and die.

I got them all at the same time for the 3 different trucks.

PSST Roy yeah that’s right you . Come here i have x-tend ladder here in the garage It is on special just for you .:wink: I agree just junk

We agree on something…Huh?
All of them are 780P.

I bought a brand new Extend and Climb Pro Series model. Brought it home, tested it in my driveway to confirm proper operation, and it promptly locked up when retracting and wouldn’t budge. And yes, I’ve used them before and know how to operate the ladder.

The store stated they get “quite a few” returns" on that product.


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