How Home Inspector Pro has helped me!!

I just want to share my expierience with HIP(Home Inspector Pro).

Many times an inspector will inquire about report software on this board and many will give there suggestions.

Now I could write a book on how Dominic and HIP have helped me out in the last 2 + years.

I am very anal in my nature and I write long reports.

I was having a hard time with my template. Over on the HIP board there was a dicussion on testing and improving the software.

I jumped in discussing with another inspector swapping ideas.

What I needed was a way to merge my selected comments into one line to have the look of the report I wanted.

So Dominic jumps in ask a few questions and about 4 hours later he revised the software to include a merge feature. Version 2.9.2

Actually one my new friends calls it the “Macy Merge”

I tried it out yesterday and it worked great, the house was a piece of crap and the new feature saved me time and gave me the report look I have been trying to create.

I at times have been a pain in Doms ***, I bugged him every day at the start. Not once did he complain or say he did not have time.

I have been down right mean to the guy, still helped me.

This is just a brief explanation on the service I have had.

HIP by far has the best customer service and it is due to Dominic.

If you have a, suggestion he will try to impliment into the program.

If you have any questions on HIP please feel free to email or call me. (Better to call DOM)

To be honest Dominic especially has become a true friend. And on the way between HIP and Inachi I have made a lot of good friends I hope to meet in person.

I had the oppurtunity to meet Dominic and his wife Charlie and it was one of the best times I had. They both are special people who care about other people.

I can go on about HIP and Dom but this is all for now. Have an idea or thought jump on HIP board, or this one be a HIPPIE, earn some KARMA.

So true, and oh yeah, very nice of you to say!

Dom went out of his way to get me up and running as well!! Great guy!

Home Inspector Pro… #1.

Good post David and of course I could not agree more as I credit Dom for much of my computer knowledge.
The guy is always there and has great ideas.
I would never bet against HIP.

i whooped his *** in fantasy football… just saying

I Understand now what you, on this message board have all meant by the support you get we HIP and Dominic. It is a great comfort to know that someone is there if you need them. Thanks Dom for the help with my first report using Home Inspector Pro !!


Excellent post David.

Great! About time! :wink:

I have been waiting for the “merge” for some time now…

I think you need to call it the “Dave Merge” though! :slight_smile:

However, I was more patient than you! :wink:

I’m heading to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

Listen if anyone got their monies worth with Dom it’s me. Trust me on this one. The man will always be a good friend of mine that’s why I was grumpy to get his side kick at first lol. I’m getting more use to John now :wink:

Well said David.
And I for one owe Dominic a bundle for what he has done for me and the help he has given me.
I would not have anything else than HIP.
It is costumizable to any of your needs.
I am learning new ways on how to use HIP everyday. Although I don’t do many inspections, everyone I do, I change something to make the report look more professional.
Dom’s software allows you to do that.
I am currently revising the Comsop Inspection to my liking, and taking me some time, but when I am done will share with whoever wants to use it. :slight_smile:

Dom is pretty shy when it comes to all this praise.

When in doubt, if anyone really wants to send out a big Thank You to Dom…

SEND HIM COOKIES. This is how he stays up until 2am every morning and is back on the job at 6am.

COOKIES. Home made COOKIES. He lives for them. Everyone figures…eh, a computer nerd means cheetos and diet coke. Nope. IT’S COOKIES. Made with real butter… none of that margarine or crisco garbage…


right Stephen lets all send Dom cookies for all his work he does for us

And if you really want to show him how much you appreciate him…


Not the wifey, not the GF, no store bought crap!

He expends **his **labor for you, return the favor and exert a little of **your’s **for him. I do, and have many times. And always will, until the day he get’s so friggin’ fat that he cries for mercy!!!

Even then, I may still, just for the hell of it!

And by the way, yes, he has done for me more than I can ever repay him for.

Dom’s #1…:D…Dom’s #1…:D…Dom’s #1…:D…Dom’s #1

I just tried to go home but my heads so big I can’t get into the freaking car. So I guess I’ll be working more from the office rather than working from home. Yes, the home made cookies I’ve gotten from a several of you guys are awesome. They honestly mean a LOT to me and I greatly appreciate them. Thanks guys!!

Great post Dave, and I personally can say Dom has helped me so many times and can’t remember. HIP for life here…


Received this e mail today from Real Estate Assistant to Closing Attorney-’’ I referred your company to the realtor and I have to tell you that I will definitely do so again. Your report is one of the best and easiest to understand that I’ve seen in almost 30 years at this job."
…Thanks to Home Inspector Pro!

Do you guys mind if I put this thread on our testimonial page? :smiley:

Ronald, that’s awesome. I love hearing stuff like that! Of course you have to put in all the work for the report. We just give you the tools.

Dom you know no one cares if you use this thread.