Thank you HIP!

I rarely have a problem with the software that requires tech support. Today I tried to generate report and… nothing happened. After few tries I gave up and called HIP. No one answered so I left a message. In less than 15 min. I got a call back from Dan and few minutes later everything was fixed. Great customer support! Thank you HIP and Dan McConnon!

Great nice to hear…

They be fast.

Haven’t had that problem but when I do have a problem (twice and its my ignorance) they were quick and its done. :smiley:

Glad we can help Yuri! Support is definitely our #1 priority. I know how important it is to get running when you’re trying to get a report out.

Dan is the man!

May I add a kudo in here as well? Last night around 10:30 I was trying to publish a report and ran into an odd problem with Acrobat that wouldn’t let me generate. I sent an email and within minutes Dominic sent me a great email that walked me through exactly what to do to fix the problem, even though it was an Adobe problem NOT a problem with Home Inspector Pro.

Went from panic to report done and heading to bed within minutes last night. I’ve never seen the kind of software support before. Thanks a ton!