How Home Inspectors Can Up-Sell Mold Testing.

Instead of “up-selling”, how about keep working on “Upgrading” BASIC Home Inspection requirements?

There are a dozen active threads right now where the Inspector can’t identify what they are looking at, never mind knowing what is wrong with it.

Nost of what you wrote their is either unproven or plain out not true and potentially damaging to inspectors.


Can you qualify this. Maybe clear up your statement, I can’t tell if you are for or against it.

I’ve done mold inspections for 15 years and I can tell you cases of mistaken identity with mold are frequent. White mold can be mistaken for efflorescence and ink stains can be mistaken for black mold. Mold can be present and not visible too but regardless, people don’t believe something is mold without an official lab test that confirms it so taking samples is a good idea.

In NYS you can’t even tell in the report that you saw mold. In 2016 NYS adapted law that only person with Mold Assessment license can identify and deal with mold…I am writing in the report: Organic substance instead of Mold.

So you find mold…you call it organic substance…suppose you don’t offer mold testing…so you refer them to a mold professional for testing and removal…how is the Inspector opening themselves up for a liability?

Great article, thanks Nick

They’re not. Nick is just on a mold testing promotion crusade. $$$$$$$;-):wink:

BINGO, and giving some very sketchy advice to inspectors which is potentially very damaging.


I agree with Dave Wilson. That exactly what i do. Most of the time the house im inspecting has already entered escrow and everybody is in a panic mode. Waiting for the test results to come back from mold testing takes time. Identifying as an organic substance lets the home owner decide what they need to do next.

Pro-lab seems rather expensive for lab testing. Does anyone know of a lab that is more affordable for our clients?

I don’t use them currently and I do a very deceit amount oftesting all different things not just mold, I will tell you this theirprices are pretty good compared to some others even the lab I currently us, ( Ijar cant beak something that isn’t broken). I wools talk totheir awls reo fir a custom price.


Can anybody please tell me, do you need a certification / license to do mold and lead testing as a home inspector? in New Jersey specifically.