How to up-sell mold testing to make more money and reduce liability in the process.

Do you know which home inspectors get sued for mold? Home inspectors who don’t offer mold testing. Inspectors who offer mold testing don’t get sued because they either did a mold test or the client opted not to have a mold test. Either way, they are safe. So to reduce your liability, always offer mold testing.

Now aside from the benefit of reducing your liability, there is another reason to offer mold testing. Testing for mold is a great way to increase your revenue. If you are already at a home inspection, you’ve already suffered costs. Marketing costs, travel costs, etc. While you are there, you might as well up-sell other inspection services such as mold testing.

Here is a nearly surefire way to sell mold testing. Put a box of Ziplock sandwich bags and a box of Q-tips on your inspection vehicle. During the home inspection, if you see mold, swipe it with a Q-tip and put the mold-covered Q-tip inside the Ziplock bag. Then bring the bag to your client and explain that you found mold and are recommending that they have it tested. Most of the time, the consumer will agree to have you do a mold test. In either case, take a photo of the mold and the Q-tip and add it to the home inspection report to protect yourself.

If you see mold, why test? The result will be the same…clean/remediate.
I wish I were a better mold test salesman, but when you see it why test for it?

Well, I’m a former agent, so that answer for me would be so that the buyer has paperwork. Paperwork (inspection reports) make it easier to get the seller to do something about it.

I do exactly what Nick is saying, but I let them know it’s going to come back as mold. The real benefit is being able to prove to the seller that it is mold, because they are going to say it’s not.

Juan is correct.