Home Inspector's Guide to Air Duct Cleaning

Home Inspector’s Guide to Air Duct Cleaning

IMO… the article should be free of any branding! Very inappropriate!

Why? How would an inspector know that otherwise?

Damned near ANY lab can do the exact same analysis. The brand Pro-Lab is irrelevent! The article should state generically that “a sample sent to a lab can make the determination if the sample contains mold spores or not”! The fact you are pushing your Pro-Lab buddy in an Inspectors article is BS.

I absolutely agree Jeff. It should say and Certified Laboratory, and not mention any particular labs whatsoever. Very unprofessional and shows a lack of unbaits from the inspector and NACHI as a unbiased inspector and organization.


I disagree.

Ben, please explain your reasoning for you saying that most certified labs could not do this type of basic and simple analysis ??

As I stated above, any certified lab can, not just pro lab. The article is good but it is also a marketing add for pro lab, and that should be saved for a different venue.


I can explain. We’re not unbiased when it comes to laboratories (PRO-LAB is our strategic partner). We’re not unbiased when it comes to inspection associations either (We only promote InterNACHI). We’re not unbiased when it comes to professional designations either (We only promote the best of the best which is Certified Master Inspector). We’re not unbiased when it comes to inspector stores either (Inspector Outlet is our eCommerce partner).
And we’re not unbiased when it comes to home inspectors either… note the Find an Inspector with InspectorSeek.com icon at the bottom of these articles which will very likely pull crazy consumer traffic. Those icons are all very biased in that they don’t link to all inspectors, they only link to you guys.

PRO-LAB isn’t unbiased either… they have links to you on all their stuff: 50,000 retail outlets recommend that consumers contact their local InterNACHI and IAC2 inspectors exclusively. - InterNACHI