How many do on-site reports? Best tech tool for on-site reports?

Not officially licensed yet but know I’m going with Spectora. How many of ya do on-site reports? What do you use or like to use for creating reports on-site?

iPad? Android tablet? Laptop? if laptop, any specific?


Most of the report done on site. Everything is done on a Samsung phone for me.

Hey Eliud!

We’re happy you’re joining the family!

I can tell you from our vantage point that most are doing a majority of their reports on-site and our most popular devices are:

Samsung Note

Samsung Galaxy

All new models of iPhones and iPads

With a near 50/50 split.

Let us know what other questions you have!

Thanks Kevin, that helps a lot to narrow down my choices.

We use Note phones love the stylus. What are you going to do on the day… and it will come… that you find something you are not familiar with and you need to research it and you have promised an onsite report?

Great question Dave. I don’t think I’ll promise an on site report in the beginning. Im interested more so for myself and time savings but I think that once I get use to it I will promise on site reports. So in essence I want to get use to doing them on site from the beginning.

I use Spectora on a Note 8 and works very well for me. Tablets are too cumbersome IMO.

I use a Google Pixel 2 smartphone and HomeHubZone report software. I often post from the field, especially if the morning’s inspection was a relatively “clean” one.

I use voice recognition a lot. Much easier than typing on my phone’s keyboard. I will pull up a preview of my report and record comments into the note-taking app on my phone, then refer back to those notes when I go into the report editing portion of my software. Two or three passes through the report is typically enough to get things whipped into shape.

I take IR photos with a Flir E8, and have learned how to move images from the Flir to my phone for incorporation into the report. The Flir Tools mobile app is of limited usefulness, so one must be careful to make sure the camera is set up properly and images will not have to be rotated. Why is there no rotate function in the Flir mobile app? I don’t know.

I have a copy of CodeCheck in the bottom of my gear bag just in case. I also have a good “Rolodex” of professionals in various fields who I can call on in a pinch, and Google is there to fill in the missing bits.

Another option is to bring your laptop, find a place with Wi-Fi, and pretend you are at your desk at home. I prefer travelling light, and have found that I can post good reports from the field using my phone in all but the most challenging circumstances.