Compatible Software/Hardware for Reporting

Good morning,

I was hoping for some suggestions in the software/compatible hardware for reporting. I am going to invest in both and want to get some feedback from experienced users.

What software do you like to use and on what tablet to report with during an inspection?

Do you also use the tablet for images in team with a smaller camera for difficult spots like crawlspaces/attics? Or is there one out there that will fit in your pocket and do the job?

Thank you for all feedback.

For me, the program I use works on apple products. I originally used an iPad during inspections, however the iPad has limitations. I currently use an iPhone because I find typing out a comment far quicker, there is a flash if needed, the camera is better and it fits in my pocket when climbing ladders.

I have found that the operating systems need to be compatible. Ultimately, I settled on a Samsung Note 10+ (just the right size and it has a very handy pen for writing and remote photo taking on the end of a pole) and a chromebook (which is cheap compared to a pc). The software I ended up using was Spectora because of it’s cloud based and because it works very well on Android and Google products.