How many GFCI's on a circuit?

I reinspected a house that did not have GFCI protection on exterior. Dopey the handyman installed 3 GFCI’s on same circuit. This is a problem right? I know your not supposed to, but is it required that only one GFCI is used per circuit?

No , as many as he wants.

The only problem with installing many GFCI’s in series is that it can get confusing for the consumer during a reset process. However, as Bob stated; it will not effect the operation of the device.

The problem I had today was that the 3 upstairs bath’s were all downstream of the GFCI in the downstairs half bath.

That is called builder’s revenge. The gfci that covers the bathrooms will always be located in the bathroom on the opposite floor from where the majority of the other bathrooms are located.


Good thing we are not code Inspectors.
Perfect place to recommend branching off.

All I ever do in a case where code cares less and I care more . (recommend with common sense reason).

To Bad they even run separate floors to same Breakers.

I’ts just a big wast of money.

He probably didn’t know how to figure the line and load conductors and just installed three instead of one.

Or they wired all to the line side terminals and made it convenient for the HO so they could reset the one that tripped easily by not having to go to a different location.