How many layers to get the World Record?

Seen a lot in my day but never this many layers on 2x6 rafters.

Every tail was leaning at least 5-10*

Found out is is going to cost more to tear off and dispose of old material than the new installation of laminates.


WOW! Hope this is in an area that does not get much Snow.

I guess it was special order to get 5 inch roofing nails.
Was this an inspection what did the client say when told ?
Roy Cooke

It can’t leak. How could water ever get through all that?

Yeah, but look at all that exposed wood at the edge. Can you say wick?

When the roofer came by and saw this he crapped on the spot and retracted his bid.

Wonder what he would have done if he started the tear off and realized what he had gotten into?He only bid for 2 layer tear off.

This is a 50’s house. I don’t think they ever did a tear off in all of that time.
Just add-a-roof every 10 years and be done with it.

If you look close evey layer was just nailed to the one below with 1 1/4" nails.

After the top 2 layers it was full of moisture and we’ve been in a drought with over 25 days of 100*F or more. As you can see the wood decking is still in fairly good shape.

This is a covered deck job I’m doing at a friends. Yes I have a few!

I had to cut the rear entry water shed roof off to get the new rafters to plane in at a shallower pitch for head room.

That’s how this came to be exposed as you see it in the photo.

Barely scratched or didn’t even touch the decking with Skilsaw set at deepest cut.

sidenote: If my calculation are right that’s about 10 1/4 Tons on a 1500 sq.ft. peir and beam house and who says we didn’t build em better.

I expect numerous drywall relief cracks to appear once the tear off takes place.

We’re going out for supper. i’ll be back later.

Drywall crack? The whole house is going to levitate and hover about a foot above the foundation. Doesn’t get windy in Garland does it?

There is also the consideration of the difficulty a fire department would have in making holes for hot gases from a fire to escape.

Paul Hinsperger
Hinsperger Inspection Services
Orangeville Ontario

Maybe that’s the new wind abatement construction - make the roof so heavy, no wind can pick it up!

I think you’ve trumped mine, good thing this house was 100yrs. +. The hardwood framing kept the roof from collapsing.

Looks like Barry leads Andrew 6 to 4 at this point. Andrew gets special bonus points for hardwood rafters though, and easily edible, peeling lead paint.


This job is in a the little community just south of Garland known as Big D and yes we can get some winds around here.

Can you say we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Close but no cigar.

Challenge to all others!

I’ll run this until midnight Halloween (CST)
Meet or beat the six layers of composition shingle roofing and I’ll pony up a Bonus Door Prize.

Yeah, but Barry gets extra points because his first initial and last name spell bad air. How cool is that?
I was going to name my youngest son Jack, but then his name would have been Jack Shick. Good thing we said it out loud first.

Sorry for the thread hijack, back to the roofs.:mrgreen:


I was going to start a honey wagon company. BADAIR SUCKS but these folks beat me to it. Aren’t we glad they have another truck? Photo courtesy of Rick Hurst

Is it inappropriate to continue the hijacking my own thread?

WOW! Hope this is in an area that does not get much Snow./quote] Snow…What’s snow? Oh yeah that White stuff!! I don’t think we get much of that do we Barry? Lets see…oh yeah last year we got about 1/4 inch. Humm, year before last I think we got about an inch. Yeah I guess we get a lot of snow, just don’t stay very long. Sorry boys couldn’t help getting a little sarcastic, after all this is TEXAS. Any way Barry I hope you bring those pics to the chapter meeting, you know how we love to see interesting pics.

The most I have seen is 4 layers!!