Hit the jackpot today

I know we have all seen roofs with more than one layer. But today I hit the jackpot.
9 layers ! Rolled over shingles (over and over) until I hit the cedar shakes. I counted and could see the 5 different colors. I was shocked the roof did not collapse. But my biggest question was how the frig could it leak thru 9 layers. But it did.

Unfortunately, it is my daughter’s roof and I am replacing it. Knew it needed a roof when we bought it and knew it had at least 3 layers. But she got a great deal.
Now I have to strip 9 layers from 18 squares before we can even start. Bummer.

If you need a hand let me know. I will provide you with some phone #'s. :mrgreen:

David, I assume yours wont be one of them. :wink:

That is around 37,000 lbs. There is no structural issues?

How do you plan on stripping them?

Once you start peeling them and they start sliding down the roof you are going to have a huge pile of shingles in one area and then you are going to have to be in that area also…make sure you have a video camera running when you do this.

How steep of a roof is this?

That’s a record.

Love to some pictures . Thanks for the info … Roy

Sounds like you’ll need help from some of our visiting laborers from South of the Border!

When I was a contractor there were some times when I would head down to the 7-11 and hire some day laborers. Always worked out great, nice guys who worked hard and were proactive in helping out.
I speak very little spanish but its not really an issue on most jobs.

This is just about to kill me. Have to do some roof repair also.
Talked to the guy that delivered the new material and told him I needed help. And will pay cash (did I say that?) He is going to contact some of his roofing buddies to see if I can hire some help.
Trying to take some pics, but it is not easy. Found out only 9 squares have 9 layers. The other 9 only have 3 (so far).
I have found another career path I don’t want to take.

I counted and could see the 5 different colors

Do not let colors fool you.
Many shingle roofers use any color for the starter strip.

Mine was 5 single layers with a five quarter plywood on top of a shake roof.
I was nailing in those days.

Robert, the 5 colors were in the field. Not the eaves. The different colors were from shingle to rolled to shingle to roll, different material so easy to see the layers.
After 3 hard days for my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and myself, we have managed to clear 1/2 the roof. Only to have to replace 5 sheets of decking.

Tomorrow we will actually lay some stuff down.

sure sounds like a party…

Good luck.
Stripped many a roof.
You will be happy when it is all over.