How much would you charge for this one?

In a field in Colorado


Walk on the Roof Inspection only. $100. LOL;)

Do the attic and crawlspace at the same time.

All depends if it is safe to enter. I would have my doubts though. :slight_smile:

Kinda gives You that sinking feeling just looking at it…

Yeah, and with my luck it would sink some more when I get in. :slight_smile:

Recommend trimming bushes and weeds away from the roof :slight_smile:

I know it would if i got in…

Kenton I am being serious where is that it looks familiar.

My everyday low price…$300.
That includes the Wind Mit!
I’d offer the 4-Point but I don’t think I could find 4 PT’s.

It’s between Allenspark and Lyons in Colorado. I posted it about 10 years ago and then just happened to run across it today while cataloging photos. There was a small herd of bulls in that field so I had to keep one eye on them while I took the photo. The roof was about 150 yards from the fence and the bulls were a little further than that from me.

That made me laugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. Reminds me of last week…

You ain’t gonna git me on that roof. Too high for $499.00. :wink:

Roof is definitely too high to climb.

I knew I have seen that before. Its been a while but I think its on Hall ranch.

It wasn’t really the hight but the bulls that bothered me. They’re generally pretty tame when they’re in a herd, you never really know.

Gary might be able to inspect that one from the ground but I am not real sure its still probably a little to high;-)

I won’t spend even one coin on it…