The cowboy way

The difference between me and some of the inspectors on this board is I find a excuse to inspect the roof from on the roof rather than a excuse to inspect from the ground or the drip edge

#1 excuse= Damage the shingles
#2 excuse= Not safe
#3 excuse= Excessive pitch
#4 excuse= knees knocking
#5 excuse= Butterflies in the stomach
#6 excuse= Wearing the wrong colored panties (pink ruffled)

I am with you on this one Charley!
If you don’t go on this roof go home.
I also like your choice of vehicle.:smiley:

I hear ya Charlie!!!

OH… and this is what I found when I got up there.

No way your gonna see that from the ground.

Way to go Pete I dub you cowboy of the east coast:D

I agree with that Peter. :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t commit myself to take a trip up on the roof twice just for pictures as to where I put my ladder. Must be nice to have someone do that for you. LOL

Kevin, once the ladders are set up, he has to come down and get whatever he needs for report, pictures or what not.

Do you know why Charley set up his ladder on the Gable end in lieu of the more stable eave of the garage?:slight_smile:

Yippi Yi Yo Ti Ya !!!

In this case the gutter runs across the front of the garage and will get damaged. I never put my ladder on pavement unless I use the spikes. I don’t like to damage the pavement so I prefer to put it on the grass.
Charley may do it this way but I don’t even bring anything but my Camera, Sony tape recorder,tape measure, flashlight and it all fits nicely in my CARGO Pants. This leaves my hands free to hold the second ladder. I put the second ladder on my should and up I go or if I am with the Client I will ask them to pass it to me on occasion.

I take my own pics after 3 bypasses on my legs I will take all the exercise I can get ladders are good. Farnsworth said our roofs were so flat we could play ball on the roofs. It was a nice quite day I was in no hurry the temp was down to 102 so I was just playing around thinking about all the guys that wear pink panties and stay on the ground. Did I ever say I enjoy ragging guys, but I don’t worry about electrical outlets in bedroom closets:p

I still report them but let my Client make the decision. Don’t get me wrong when I am on the roof sometimes I am there for almost a 1/2 hr. When I am done nothing is needed but a tick report when I get off the roof inspection portion.

Its not about how long spent on the roof its about what one sees while up there. I live in the hail belt and hail is always my big concern. Plus little items like weather heads I just loved this one

I would have to agree with Farnsworth, besides the catwalk in pic #1 I don’t see a section of roofing there that has over a 4/12 pitch, even the neighbor’s roofs in the background are baby roofs. I would hope there would be no knee-knocking on them-thar roofs…Play ball!!!

Ya would be surprised pardner how many dudes won’t walk a 4/12 pitch yes today was a cake walk I was just demostrating the second level mount. BTW I never agree with Farnsworth just because I can disagree;-)

Yep see that here all the time Charley!

I do agree with you that some people will look for any excuse to get out of doing work though.

I agree I like the way ya think but be carefull those ladders are heavy and are known to make babies to be born naked;-)

I don’t walk many in the wintertime but if it’s summer time even rain won’t stop me. Walked a 10/12 on Friday in the rain and have a 12/12 on Wednesday that I may give a try. As long as I am not damaging shingles up I will go.

Charley, you want to inspect this apex roof please?

Went up there yesterday.


What a view. Coming home from the Coast. Built 3 years ago and hadn’t seen it.