How often do you change your Respirator or P100 cartridges?

I usually change mine every year or so…Should I be changing my P100 cartridges sooner??? I have never been sure, and there is no guidelines, only based on actual use…

The manufacturer recommends changing them every day however they want you to change it so you can buy more filters. As a rule some I would change mine when it was beginning to become difficult to breath through them. Also it’s a good idea to put duct tape over the intakes when you put it away in your bag or wherever you store it. This keeps any particles are caught by the filters from falling out of the filter and contaminating your personal items.

I think once a year for me is adequate since I only do about 100 homes a year…

Unfortunately the amount of times you put your respirator on does not reflect how long the cartridges will last. They are charcoal, they are being used after you open the package and they are exposed to the air.

They should be kept in an air tight bag. Get a Ziploc (gallon size if you don’t want to take the cartridges off the face mask).

General rule of thumb on knowing when to replace them is being able to “taste” or smell the odors thru you respirator. If you use it everyday for only a short time each day, then they might last two weeks.