How often does this type of roof covering...

need to be maintained?

Every 2-4 years depending on UV degradation of the coating, imho. It seems to vary from roof to roof.
I don’t have any facts on it, just my observations. Ed may have facts, but I feel it should be done more often than house painting to keep any ‘checks’ coated over.

Any type of flat roof is inherently designed to fail in a short period of time however because of many commercial needs and application they will be in vogue for a long time.

For residential applications there is a greater need to pay particular attention to the finer details on how these roofs were installed being that when they leak (and they will) the damages are disproportionately greater than that of commercial application. How many times have you gone into a super market, hardware store and seen discolored acoustical tiles (inexpensive to replace) or water puddling on a concrete/tile floor…such repairs are inexpensive…however in a residential setting when you start adding up the need to replace insulation, drywall, personal effects, hardwood floors are looking at thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

I annotate that BUR’s and MB’s should be inspected annually by a professional roofer who is familiar with such roof systems. Fees range from free to around $50.00 depending on the size of the roof.

Your in good old El Paso…I did 7 years at Fort Bliss…Patriot Missiles…ANyways this looks like an elastomeric coated roof. They usually should be inspected every couple of years which is just a VIEWING of the roof. Look for cracking and air bubbles. They say about 7-10 years between coats, but El Paso has a huge UV exposure…So I would say have it viewed every year or two. Also insure that there is no standing water…standing water creates mold and enzymes that will actually eat away the coating over time…

Did you mention the stucco that is in direct contact with the roof? With the low slope I sure hope it was flashed properly.

Actually Pete this is quite common in my area. I did recommend it be flashed properly.

Thanks guys I was thinking every 2 to 4 years as well I just wanted to make sure. I personally dont like this style of roof, its ugly to me.

Hey Russell were you inspecting while you lived here in El Paso?

I was inspecting the Patriot Missle System…not houses…I was in the military there…