McQuay unit

OK, I have never seen one of these before. Condo was build in 1998. Need a little help with the age.

Serial # 7 7J07652 03

I want to say it is a 2003, but my gut tells me a may be a 1997. Can anyone verify this one for me.



Hi Bill,

do you have the model # as prestons doesn’t use the serial numbers, my guess would be a 1997 unit as it is unlikely that the unit has been replaced since new as it is only 10 years old.

BTW there is also a recall on some of their air handlers for electrical defects in the heat strip wiring:




The model number is: FCV042BMGL. I doubt it has been replaced, but the serial numbers are throwing me off. I am going to call them this morning. They were obviously closed last night, so I thought I would check the board. Good info on the recall. Thanks

Hi Bill,

sorry I have nothing on that series



thanks for trying. These people are next to impossible to get on the phone (the right person at least)

September 1997.


Please share your code identifier on this model?

I don’t have a lot of information on McQuay, but what I do have is from the Gulf Coast area and indicates that the first number to the left of the letter is the year and the letter is the month. You know how to do months, so J is September.

Coupled with Bill’s information that the condo was built in 1998 (key word being “condo”), I would be 99% certain that it is September 1997. I, of course, could be wrong. That’s why I hang around the HVAC forum, to update my research as new information becomes available from about 10,000 inspectors.

Thanks Russell.

I thought **J **would be October seeing that October is the tenth month and J is the tenth letter.

Hi Dave,

I may be completely wrong here (wouldn’t be the first time) but I believe that most manufacturers don’t use the letter I at all as it is too easily misread as a 1 (one)



ohhhhh…I see, said the blind man.