Frigidaire Furnace

I need some help with the age of Frigidaire furnace. Model #FG6RA-120C. Serial #FGD041102039-20C.

Thanks for your help in advance.


That was manufactured in 2001. It has 120,000 BTU’s and has an 80.5 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating.

WOW!!! That was fast! This is why I belong to NACHI. THANKS!

I’m getting November 2004.

Perhaps 2001 was when that model number was introduced to the marketplace?

I’m using Prestons.

What formula gives you 2001?

I presume you mean “2004”.

I have the first four numbers (not digits, which would include letters) as being year-year-month-month, so I’m getting November 2004 (0411).

Well, If this is true, I don’t know why Prestons is so screwed up.

I wish someone would come up with a solid database for mechanicals.

I don’t think Preston’s is screwed up. What I’ve found is that it specializes in model numbers. For example, we know that Ford’s car model designated Mustang has been sold from 1964½ to the present, so Preston would list it as 1964 to 2007. However, was also know that the serial number, 0R05Z000001

means we have a 1970 Mustang (the first 0)
built in San Jose, California (the R)
with the Mach I body style (the 05)
with a V8 428 CID 4V Cobra Jet Big Block Ram Air engine (the Z)
and, to boot, we have the very first Mach I V8 428 CID 4V Cobra Jet Big Block Ram Air built in San Jose (the 000001).

Preston’s doesn’t go to that extent with the serial numbers because they probably figured that knowing the exact year, month, and week probably doesn’t serve any useful purpose. All things considered, maybe it doesn’t since model numbers on HVAC equipment changes much more often than vehicles. However, I disagree simply on the basis that technology changes all the time, which is why I use several resources, including my own research which I started way back in the late 1970s when I was doing HVAC in Texas.

Thanks! Ray. I also had a hard time with PRESTONS!!

Russel is correct that its November 2004.

I have an email from Nordyne (parent company for Frigidaire) that all thier serial numbers are coded with letters indicating the product & plant, then the first for digits as year-month, followed by digits indicating the unique ID for the equipment.