How Should I Start? -A Newbie's Quest To Be A Home Inspector

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I'm considering becoming a home inspector and was wondering if I could get some opinions on where to get training.

I am definitely leaning towards going to an actual school rather than correspondence training (no offense to those who did it on the Internet or via the mail).

I live in Phoenix, and as far as I can tell we don't have a whole lot of options as far as training goes. I am considering attending Arizona SunTech. Out of the places I have looked at around here, they seem to have the most comprehensive course in the shortest amount of time.

Does anybody have any opinion on Arizona SunTech? I'd also love to hear about your opinions on any other training courses in or around Arizona, as well as what I should expect if I decide to pursue this as my new career.

A little background about me:
I have no background in construction or home inspection (except for the one home inspection I witnessed when I bought my house). However, I can tell the difference between a ceiling and a floor, and I'd like to think that I am a moderately skilled do-it-yourselfer (although my wife tends to take issue with me on that) ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif)

I'm currently a professional web developer, but I'm bored with it and I'm looking to get into another career field that is more profitable, where I'm in control, and which allows me to get outside every once in a while ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif) - Plus I'd like to be able to tell if a property I'm interested in purchasing for myself is in good shape or not.

Thanks for your help,
- Dan

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I’m in Kansas - Of the schools ok’d by State of Arizona, Arizona Suntech is at the Top of The Heap.