Looking to get into home inspection

Hello, My name is Stacey and I am looking to get into the home inspection business. I am a little hesitant because I am 34 and trying to start a new career that I am not quite sure about. I have looked at AHIT for there training. I was wondering if there were any other schools that you might recommend that would be better? Also if anyone has any pointers on someone just getting into the business would be appreciated. I do have 14 years of concrete construction experience, so I have been around construction all of my life. I have been working a plant job for about 3 years because of the economy. But I am not liking the plant job life. Also I have seen negative posts about AHITs inspection reporting software. If I do there training I will probably get the software with there package, but are there any more software programs that might be better? Thank you for any input and I just want to say I have been really impressed with the content on this website.

Join here
Get your education here
Find someone to ride with
Then run as fast as you can to another job ( just kidding)

Wayne, you trying to scare the dude?

Well it is partially true. ;):mrgreen:

All I can say is Good Luck.

LOL Marcel
No it is the best job around , till someone looses a eye then it is a game

At the age of 34 I might look into other options as it takes time to build inspections.
7 years and I am still trying to hit 200 (hopefully this year).

At my 30’s no way in hell I would be patient enough.

If you take AHIT’s course, you do not have to use their software. I did at first because I didn’t know any better. I now use Home Inspector Pro and love it.

I hear you there Bob.

And Wayne, hope all is good. :slight_smile:

Everthing is good Marcel, Busy though I droped by to bug Micheal lolol i was having with draws .:mrgreen: How ever 34 is a great time to start while you have the energy to go.

Busy like crazy so far with around 40-50 for 2013 in what is usually the slowest period.

Fingers crossed.

Well let’s all hope for a good year. :slight_smile:

Your market timing is good to get started in the business. The housing and real estate market are on the upswing and many folks are doing business at a record pace.

Whether it’s a good time for you personally and how you enter the market depends on your current situation. If you are going to be self-employed, you will have to build your business from scratch, so you may not be contributing much to your family income for a while. If you start with a multi-inspector firm, you will gain experience and probably have more stability in terms of income. But your potential income will be more limited and some multi-inspector firms have no compete provisions which may impede your ability to break out on your own.

If you want to be self-employed, there are many great advantages to this field. You just need to make sure that you have the initiative and impetus to go out and hunt down your own food every day.

Nothing beats having a local mentor who is not intimidated by a new comer as potential competition. The trick is finding one.

And of course there are many here with great advice, both established and up-and-comers in the business.

Some people have to PAY the mentors… I lucked out but i hear it’s a common these days.

A Home Inspection is:
· A high liability, in depth
· Multi disciplined technical analysis of a home
· Conducted under adverse conditions
· In front of a demanding audience
· Requiring the generation of an incredibly detailed report
· Prepared in an un-realistically short time frame
· For an inconceivably low fee

I’m stealing that saying, Wayne!

“A home inspection is a high-liability,
in-depth, multi-disciplined technical analysis
of the home conducted under adverse circumstances
in front of a demanding audience,
requiring the generation of an incredibly detailed
written report prepared in an unrealistically short
time frame for an inconceivably low fee.”

Not sure who wrote that but I saved it years ago.

See my post #13…I think it was Mike Auger?? I’m not sure who said it but it sure sums it up!


Many states have required licensing. Where are you located so you can get some answers that are more germane to your question.

How do you know he is German ?

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How do you know “Stacey” is a he ??